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Snowman 3D 
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Snowman 3D

Snowman 3D, is a visually pleasing diversion, which allowsyou to build and decorate your own unique snowman.

You can roll a snowball around the backyard, until you reach the size you like.  Trails in the snow  indicate where your ball has already picked up some snow. Once you are satisfied with the size, tap the toolbar Stack icon, to stack the snowballs in front of the house. Once all three snowballs have been completed and stacked, you can decorate your snowman. Your decorations  include sets of hats, eyes, noses, mouths, and several other decorations.  There are almost 50 different 3D items, which you can attach to your snowman.  That way, in addition to endless variation of snowball sizes, you can assemble thousands of custom outfits for you snowman.

When you are satisfied with your creation, you can take a snapshot of your work, save it in your Photo Album, then send it to your friends.  Of course to get the “best shot” you can use Pinch to get your camera closer or further, and Swipe to move around your masterpiece!

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